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Feng Ye is a “National First-Class Dancer ” in China. She was a seasoned professional, serving as Artistic Director and President of the dance company in the China National Song and Dance Troupe.

As performer, choreographer, and artistic director, her works were presented in the Olympic opening & closing ceremonies three times in 2004, 2008, 2014 respectively.

In the South Bay Area, Feng Ye launched the Feng Ye Dance Studio and Feng Ye Dance Troupe and successfully produced and performed a grand annual gala entitled “ENCOUNTER” at the San Jose Art Center Montgomery Theater in 2018 and “DANCE WITH NATURE” at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco in 2019. For three consecutive years, the Feng Ye Dance Troupe was selected as the only representative of Chinese dance to participate in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. Feng Ye has emerged as an important figure in the region, promoting the integration of dance cultures from multiple ethnic groups.

Driven by their unwavering passion, she established the Asian Cultural Foundation, a groundbreaking institution that has since become a beacon of cultural exchange and preservation. Under their visionary leadership, the foundation has flourished, nurturing collaborations among artists, scholars, and cultural enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. The foundation have championed educational programs, providing opportunities for individuals to explore and understand the depth and significance of Asian cultures.

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